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Confluence is a body of work comprised of 36 visual images inspired by Taoist author Deng Ming-Dao’s poetry. These images were originally created as part of the collaborative interdisciplinary project entitled Walking River. My objective for this venture was to visually reflect rather than describe the meaning of the words. The imagery allows for the contemplation of each word and subsequent poem to become visible and take on tangible form. The images were initially created in my studio using mixed media elements such as gouache, watercolour and crayon and then integrated with an image-editing program. All the compositions are in virtual format.

In the composition entitled Flow, my intent was to create a harmonic composition to echo the unity inherent in opposites. The fluid calligraphic lines imply ‘flow’ and seemingly connect in the center of the image to unify the strong division created by the contrasting dark and light sides. The calligraphic line maintains flow whether one is in a dark (sad, stressful) or light (joyful, happy) situation in life.

The Sufi saying, “The ocean refuses no river”, is a profound metaphor for our lives. To me, this idiom offers hope and encouragement to use ones inherent ability to flow through life, to not be attached to joy or sorrow, but to just accept what is. I often wonder when I find myself sitting at the edge of the river of life, just watching and fearful of stepping in, why am I holding back from the inevitable assimilation into that peaceful ocean? And other times, when I do find the courage to enter the river and end up frantically swimming up stream, I ask myself, “Why not float”?

Flow Flow
Patience Patience
Delight Delight
Boundaries Boundaries
Gratitude Gratitude
Mask Mask
Sound Sound
Surrender Surrender
Home Home
Duality Duality
Breathe Breathe


All designs, images and text are copyright to Helena Hadala RCA