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Email: hh@helenahadala.com
Artist Statement

The underlying basis of my artistic practice focuses on imagery that reflects rather than describes my perceptual world. Zen Buddhist philosophy and Taoism have informed my life and approach to the creative process. For me, creativity is a result of mindfulness, which in turn inspires content. A search for resonance in between intellect and intuition, idea and action is the underlying impetus of my work. The process allows for contemplation to become visible and take on tangible form.
Upcoming Calgary Show

  • Helena Hadala: Looking Glass Series, Gallery M, Calgary.

    Helena Hadala: Looking Glass Series

  • The invitation in pdf form for passing on via email can be downloaded and saved from HERE.

Upcoming International Exhibition

  • 9th International Print Biennial (invitational) Douro, Douro Biennial Organization, Portugal.

    9th International Print Biennial Douro Logo

Major Work in Progress (2017-2019)

  • "Walking River" is a collaborative multi-media project with American Taoist artist poet Deng Ming Dao and Canadian composer John Abram.

  • "Silent Passage" (2014-2016) an autobiographical work explores identity, perception and the deeper connotation of Silence. This installation, inspired by Taoist author Deng Ming-Dao's poem "Be Silence", is comprised of 36 large-scale mixed media fabric panels. The translucent characteristic of the fabric pieces is a metaphor for the elusive nature our perceptions and allows for the notational marks and imagery of the seated figure to be visible from both sides. A pronounced vertical format is meant to enhance the sense of stillness. Staggered placement of the panels suspended from the ceiling, offers the viewer an opportunity to physically enter a space of quietude to contemplate silence.

    Documentary video of the installation (videographer: Riley Webster)

  • "Shadows" (2015) an 11 min HD video, was completed in residence at the Banff Centre last year. This video presents sixty mixed media images, each depicting one line of poetry. The poems, written by Deng Ming-Dao, organized into six chapters, reflect the liminal nature of the human condition and speak to the psyche's dualistic nature. Narrated by David Maulsby, the video explores the ephemeral nature of Shadows and suggests luminous, transpersonal realities.

    "Shadows" (2015), HD video, 11 min
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